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After your purchase, the DPX Power crew likes to support with paperwork and further transportation.


We can support you with various transport solutions:

  1. Road transport
    Collaborating with a few trustworthy, on-time transport partners, we can arrange your road transport to any end destination or harbour within Europe.

  2. Sea freight
    Following delivery to the port of departure, we can arrange the sea freight to any port in the world. We work with a reliable team of partners to provide a smooth delivery at a competitive price.

Extra service

Extending the transport-service, we can also arrange the extra services underneath:

  1. Loading the vehicles on any truck transporter.
  2. Bundling your purchases from various suppliers in the Netherlands and/or Europe , so your vehicles can be transported efficiently to your end destination.

Export documents

You might also need export documents for customs clearance. Our team has the knowledge and systems to help you with:

  1. Export document (EX-A)
  2. EUR-1 Certificate
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Inspection reports ( SGS / Intertek )